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Believe in Me
performed & written by mary paulson
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                                   San Diego,California 

 Mary Paulson  
LPGA Class A Coaching Professional
  • Physical, Technical, Mental, Emotional Professional Private Golf Coach 
  • Certified TPI Golf Fitness Instructor - GI level 3
  • AFPA Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Conditioning Specialist
  • Licensed HeartMath® 1:1 Provider 
  • Former Site Director, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of El Cajon
Mary is currently the Total Approach® Golf Coach working out of Southern California, and she is a LPGA Class A Coaching Professional. Mary has been playing golf competitively since 2002. The assistant coach for the Palomar College Women's Golf Team in 2009. Worked with VISION54 coaches Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott 2006 - 2008 in Phoenix, AZ as a player until learning that coaching was her "spirit of the game". Now her passion is to work with Players in helping them find their spirit of the game while competing at their peak performance! As well as privately coaching and teaching, Mary was also the Site Director and Founder of the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of El Cajon    from 2009-2013, which is an annual golf program for girls ages 7-17.
"My teaching and coaching philosophy stems from a core belief in possibilities, and in believing that whatever you set your heart and mind out to do on the golf course, or in life, you will accomplish your goals. I examine the five elements of golf: Physical, Technical, Mental, Emotional, and Social  to help players increase performance; to gain positive consistency; to become more aware of themselves and their environment, thus leading to more enjoyment and lower scores on the golf course and in their everyday lives.”
Mary's Personal Mission
My Personal Mission is to begin a new journey within the LPGA to become the best Golf Coach that I can be on the course and off the course.
To take each lesson learned from my past Instructors and Mentors, and from my past experiences, and pass down their knowledge to my students and players.
To mentor those who believe in possibilities, and believe that they are unique individuals, who can attain their goals and dreams on the golf course, and in their everyday lives.
To nurture, grow, and continually learn about myself as a Golf Coach and as a person through my peers, my mentors, and always from my students and players.
To help encourage my students and players to become the best golfer and the best person that they can be in their own fulfilling lives on the golf course and off the golf course..
Knowing that when one journey ends, another begins with new goals, new dreams, and new possibilities awaiting to be challenged and fulfilled always for the betterment of personal growth as a Golf Coach with the LPGA and as a positive human being.

TAC Gym : 4435 Utah St
                    San Diego, CA 92116

Goose Creek GC: Corona, CA for Private Group 1 day Academies.
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Hours:      Lessons made by appointment.
               Contact Mary directly at (619) 414-4495                     or on-line