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"I took lessons from Mary at Cottonwood Golf Course. She is a great Instructor all 5 lessons were awesome! Each time I went on the course during the lessons I saw improvement in my game. Mary made golf lessons fun and interesting."
Larry Toussant - 6 Handicap
"Mary is magic on the golf course. In four holes she had me hitting better and I still use the techniques she showed me on that wonderful day!!!"
Felix Giles - Nighthawk Racing Enterprises
When I came to Mary, I thought I knew what an intense workout was. It didn't come close. Mary pushed me past my perceived limits to help me get results. She embodies change.  Through consistent feedback and encouragement, she retrained my attitude while I retrained my body.  She individualized each routine and made it challenging.  Every exercise had a purpose and I have found Mary to be an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous knowledge, versatility, and discipline.  Mary not only has a vast understanding of fitness, she has helped me with the mental and emotional aspects of the game as well.  I thought I was at my wits end, but Mary has provided me with the “tools” to become a better player and I have realized my potential.  She will go above and beyond to make sure her player succeeds to the level they want to reach. 
Petra Cole - Competitive Scratch Player
Mary's approach to golf is an eye opener!  Her infectious enthusiasm brought new life to my declining game and now lower scores.  I'm shooting in the 80's....and, I have new respect for my capabililties from her dedicated teaching.  "No, is not an answer"!
Linda Eager  - 15 Handicap
"Mary is honest, committed and deeply passionate about her work as a golf coach.  She loves coaching  her students and holds intention for them to reach their maximum potential in the game.  She is a winner and is committed to supporting them to be winners in their personal lives as well as the golf game." 
Wanda Binats
Life Coach
"Mary wrote several "how-to-play-this-golf-course" scripts for us. Her expert knowledge and enthusiasm for the game added great value to our product. She is great to work with, very reliable, and produces high quality work."
Frank Jensen  CEO and Executive Producer at BinaryLabs, Inc. - 24 Handicap
"I would recommend Mary to anyone that is interested in Learning Golf. She is a great coach, she knows what she is talking about and I have seen her in action. She gives you her undivided attention during her coaching which makes you feel she is in the business because she has passion and not just because it is a job. Mary is always positive and I would definitely recommend her."
Eva Lauchmen Wedding/Event Coordinator at Your Wedding Concierge (YWC)
 Pro Tips       by Mary Paulson
  In Tune with Golf Series:
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# 1 We all need Direction
# 5 The Money Shot 
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The Money Shot!
Coach Mary demonstrates how to hit the bump and run chip shot for her LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of El Cajon program.